Evoque Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Shampoo For Dry and Brittle Hair - 13.52 Fl. Oz

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Evoque Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Shampoo For Dry and Brittle Hair - 13.52 Fl. Oz/500 ML.  Milk Protein & 12 Aminoacids. It is a sulfate and paraben free shampoo which repairs the damaged hair and provide a natural look with 12 essential amino acids derived from milk proteins and Vitamin E. Suitable for all hair types. 

Deeply cleans the hair with nice and creamy foam. A special blend of moisturizing ingredients gives softness and shine. It has been formulated in accordance with acidic value, which compensates for the natural PH value. It protects your hair against external effects and gives firmness The components with antistatic effect on the inside help to prevent

the frizz and make hair easier to comb. Shampoos with sulfate clarify the hair but cause undesired deformations and frizz. Because Sulfate breaks down the protective natural oil layer of the hair and cause damage to the 3-dimensional natural structures of proteins found in the hair’s structure such as keratin. Sulfate free Evoque Milk Therapy Shampoo supports, strengthen and repairs the natural protein structure of hair thanks to 12 essential amino acids. In order to provide microbial hygiene, safer preservatives have been used instead of parabens with cancerogenic effect.


Adds Shine, Silky Softness, Elasticity, Repairs the hair length
Anti-frizz, Protects from environmental effects
Volume, Traps the moisture inside
Strengthen the hair roots (Vitamin E)
Reduces hair loss, Anti-Dandruff
Color Safe, Sulfate and paraben free
12 essential amino acids derived from milk proteins.
Vitamin E, Strengthening oils which are compatible with the natural structure of the hair