Marc Jacobs Daisy & Decadence Variety Set for Women Eau De Toilette Mini Fragrance Collection

Marc Jacobs Daisy & Decadence Variety Set for Women Eau De Toilette Mini Fragrance Collection

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Marc Jacobs Daisy & Decadence Variety for Women Mini Collection Set - Eau De Toilette.  This sophisticated feminine perfume collection consists of Daisy and Decadence.

Inspired by the boundless spirit of fresh daisies and blue skies, Daisy In Your Dreams set allows you to customize your fragrance for the ultimate Daisy Dream experience. Containing three different scents, Daisy Dream, Daydream and Sweet Dream that can be worn solo or layered. After applying Daisy Dream, add a touch of Daydream to heighten the airy floralcy with blue wisteria, or accentuate the sparkling effervescence of blackberry with Sweet Dream.

Women who wear Marc Jacobs products know the designer has a knack for creating fresh fragrances with plenty of zeal. His new fragrance, Daisy Dream, is no different. Introduced in 2014, this fragrance combines blackberry, pear and blue wisteria top notes with base notes of jasmine and coconut water to create a floral bouquet that goes well with any occasion. The first impression offered by this fragrance may be sweetness, but the slightly spicy base notes keep it balanced and interesting.".  

Marc Jacobs launched Daisy Dream in summer of 2014 as a new variation of the original Daisy fragrance from 2007. Daisy Dream is a more sophisticated and ethereal version of the original.

The composition tends to create a “blue effect”, made from unusual floral and fruity aromas. There are accords of blackberries, pear, blue wisteria, jasmine and coconut water. The scent, like the original, is created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb and designer Marc Jacobs himself. The bottle design deviates from the original, also decorated with daisies motives.