La Mina De Oro offers an opportunity to start your own name brand fragrance business with a minimum purchase as low as $150 without the purchase of a membership. For access to deeper discounts, we have four membership tiers available at $5, $10, $17, or $20/ month.

*Please note, an e-mail is required to obtain a membership.

Depending on the pricing tier you select; you can save up to 80% off of MSRP. The more you buy, the more you save. The higher the tier, the higher the savings. Our tiers begin at $5/month with our highest membership being $20 a month.

Yes, we guarantee all of our fragrances. We buy in bulk allowing us to pay less and share our savings with you.

If you ever have a doubt about any fragrance feel free to use any online batch code checker! To do this, simply search at the bottom of the box as well as the bottom of the bottle and ensure that the numbers or code match. Then, enter the information into the batch code checker to determine when it was manufactured. You can also call the manufacturer and check the batch code with them as well to ensure authenticity.

EDT or Eau De Toilette, has a lower fragrance oil concentration than EDP's. EDP or Eau De Parfum has higher fragrance oil content and lasts longer. This is why EDP is usually more expensive than EDT.

We buy in bulk and are business to business. This allows us to pay less and share our savings with you. This allows room for you to resell and start your own fragrance business.

You can invest as little as $150 to access our specials and to begin receiving discounts. If you do not want to spend $150 every time you come in, you can purchase any one of our memberships to begin receiving deeper discounts and purchase at the same level pricing each time you come in.

In order for us to offer the pricing that we do, we need to sell more than one piece at a time. If we are only selling one piece we will have to charge as much as retail department stores. We are giving our customers the opportunity to buy at wholesale pricing in order to resell and make the highest possible profit.

The MSRP listed on our fliers or in store stands for Market Suggested Retail Price. This means that this is the highest price you will find the product. You can price your product anywhere between how much you purchase from us and the MSRP. (As long as you understand how much your customer is willing to pay, you can price accordingly using these guidelines.